Sifu Jerry Martin

  • Silver Medal Winner, World Hung Kuen Tournament, Taisan China, 2014

  • Over 25 years of martial arts training experience

  • Over 16 years of teaching experience in Kung Fu

  • 5th Generation Disciple in the Wong Fei Hung lineage

    • Ji Shim Sim Si > Hung Hei Goon > Luk Ah Choi > Wong Kei Ying > Wong Fei Hung > Tang Fong > Yeun Ling, SiTaiGung > Yee Chee Wai, SiGung > Sharif Bey, Sifu >  Jerry Martin

Sifu Jeremiah Martin was born in 1968 in Manhattan, New York. From his earliest memory, he used to bug his parents to take him to a “karate” class because he felt insecure and wanted to learn how to fight.  His father would often take him to China Town in Boston when he was young and seeing all of the Asian decorations and martial arts schools fueled his desire to join.


His first experience with martial arts was in his hometown of Randolph Massachusetts at the age of 10, spending three years training at a Kenpo Karate school in the basement of Sensei Charlie Caccamicci’s house. The classes were small, mixed with adults, very tough and exactly what he needed at that insecure time to give him a sense of self-confidence, while learning to avoid conflict and violence; a very valuable lesson.


After high school, Sifu Martin entered the Army Reserve as an Infantryman in order to earn money for college.  After graduating from Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training, he was assigned to a Company in Brockton Mass as an M60 Gunner.  Not wanting to lose his excellent physical conditioning from the training, he began thinking about getting back into the martial arts.


At that time there was a school across the street from where his girlfriend worked and he stopped in one day. Blown away by the intensity of the instructor that came out to meet him, he knew he had found a home.  The style was Chung Moo Quan and he trained there for about four years achieving the rank of Black Belt.  Since Sifu Martin was a security guard at the mall with an inflexible schedule, his first year of training was on a private lesson basis. While the training was VERY hard and he learned many things, he disconnected from the school because he found out that the style had a very shadowy reputation as a pyramid scheme and were tax evaders…...  Feeling very dejected over spending so much time and money in the wrong direction, it was hard for him to think about martial arts the same.   Objectively looking back, he learned two valuable things: how to train hard and push himself beyond what he thought he could do, and more importantly, how NOT to treat a student.


After a few years of trying to figure out if the martial arts were really for him, he dabbled in Tae Kwon Do with Jae Hun Kim by Fenway Park, Judo and Aikido. Then, in 2001 while online, he found out his old instructor, Michael Leone from CMQ had left the system, was livng in Arizona and running several schools using a different curriculum.  He suggested speaking with Sifu Tom Adams in Needham, Mass and on 12/29/01, Sifu Martin had his first lesson and was hooked right away.  The school focused in Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin Longfist (Ma Family) and Yang Style Tai Chi.


In 2003, he relocated to Geneva, New York with his family to open The Finger Lakes Martial Arts Center.  In addition to continuing his training long distance, and eventually earning his third degree black belt on 5/8/09, he began Searching for his Truth by working with teachers in Krav Maga, Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Northern Wu style Taiji, Arnis and Indonesian Silat.  


The end of his Search happened in April of 2009, when he formally became the student of his Sifu, Sharif Bey and Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association. Focusing exclusively on his Kung Fu and after years of hard training, on 6/24/13 he was honored to become a Yup Mun (In the door) Disciple of his Sifu.  In Nov of 2014, Sifu Martin joined the USA Yee’s Hung Ga Competition team and travelled to Taisan China for the inaugural World Hung Kuen Tournament where there were over 16 countries represented.  At the age of 46, Sifu Martin won a Silver Medal in his group of 10 and finished 3rd overall out of 40 competitors in his division.  On June 3rd, 2017, Sifu Martin, earned his Jo Gow ranking and was accepted as a Yup Sut (In the Room) Disciple and The Finger Lakes Martial Arts Center was officially recognized as The Geneva Branch of Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association.

            In the short term, Sifu Martin is preparing to return to China to compete in the 2018 tournament.   Beyond that, he will continue to pursue thru his daily practice the overall products of Kung Fu; to be a better Man, Father, Teacher, Student and Friend.