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Jerry Martin, Sifu 2nd Dan and Coach

  • Silver Medal Winner, IBJJF Pans 2023, Masters 5, Middle Heavy Weight Blue Belt

  • Silver Medal Winner, World Hung Kuen Tournament, Taisan China, 2014

  • Over 35 years of martial arts training experience

  • Over 25 years of teaching experience

  • 5th Generation Disciple in the Wong Fei Hung lineage

    • Ji Shim Sim Si > Hung Hei Goon > Luk Ah Choi > Wong Kei Ying > Wong Fei Hung > Tang Fong > Yeun Ling, SiTaiGung > Yee Chee Wai, SiGung > Sharif Bey, Sifu >  Jerry Martin

Mr. Martin was born in 1968 in Manhattan, New York and from his earliest memory would bug his parents to take him to a “karate” class. He always felt insecure and wanted to learn how to fight, feeling that this would give him confidence.  Also, his father would often take him to China Town in Boston when he was young and seeing all of the Asian decorations and martial arts schools fueled his desire to join.


His first experience with martial arts was in his hometown of Randolph Massachusetts at the age of 10, spending three years training at a Kenpo Karate school in the basement of Sensei Charlie Caccamicci’s house. The classes were small, mixed with adults, very tough and exactly what he needed at that insecure time to give him a sense of self-confidence, while learning to avoid conflict and violence; a very valuable lesson.


After high school, Sifu Martin entered the Army Reserve as an Infantryman in order to earn money for college.  After graduating from Basic Training and Advanced Infantry Training, he was assigned to a Company in Brockton Mass as an M60 Gunner.  Not wanting to lose his excellent physical conditioning from the training, he began thinking about getting back into the martial arts.


And so began a lifelong journey of martial arts training:

****Three years of Chung Moo Quan (1st degree black belt)

****Dabbled briefly with Tae Kwan Do, Judo and Aikido 

****Seven years of Hung Ga training in Massachusetts (Sifu, 3rd Dan)

****Then began cross training in BJJ, Krav Maga, Northern Wu Taiji, Arnis and Indonesian Silat for several years after moving to NY


****Twelve years of Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu while in NY (Sifu, 2nd Dan)


            At the beginning of 2018 he began training again in BJJ under Coach Ben Tallini and in 2021 became an Affiliate location of Haven Jiu Jitsu.  The Covid Pandemic made it very difficult to attend tournaments etc, but Jerry did earn Gold Medals in Gi and No Gi at the Saratoga Springs, NY Grappling Industries event in 2019 and in 2021 won Silver in Gi and Bronze in No Gi at the Grappling Industries event in Boston, MA all at white belt. 


In July of 2021 he was promoted to Blue Belt and in March of 2023 won a Silver Medal at the IBJJF Pans tournament in Florida and next will be the IBJJF Master's Worlds in Las Vegas in September of 2023..

Mr. Martin is extremely grateful and proud to have been teaching martial arts in Geneva, NY for the past 20 years now and continues to love his "work".

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