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Kids Jiu Jitsu Programs

There are two fun, fast paced and engaging classes for children;

YOUNG KIDS BJJ class is for ages 4 til 6 years old

OLDER KIDS BJJ class is for ages 7 til 13 years old  

Each class is designed to keep your child engaged and working to the best of their ability with warmups, stretching routines, drills, learning how to "Roll" (essentially wrestling) and fun Games to end each class.   The YOUNGER KIDS class focuses on many of the "basics" and will prepare them for the OLDER KIDS class where it becomes a bit more focused on grappling.   We are also a competition if your child is interested, there will be opportunities to test out what they know.

Whether they decide to compete or not, over time you can expect them to become stronger, fitter and more confident as they face difficult challenges and overcome them, as well as forming strong friendships and building strong self defense skills.

Call or message today to find out more and to set up a FREE trial class!u

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