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Kung Fu Program


The Basic Kung Fu Program is for incoming students who are 13 years and older.


With a focus on Stances (Rooting), Bridging (hand shapes and arm positions), Breath (not only when to breath but also what sounds will best generate the correct type of power), Body Connection (where we learn how to generate power with the feet and legs, direct this power with the hips and torso, and express that power with the hands and arms) and how to generate Explosive Power (Gong Ging).  All of this is done thru the learning of Forms (sets of predetermined patterns of movements), as well as kicks and punching techniques and combinations.  Most students will spend about 2 years at this level before moving to the Advanced Kung Fu classes.


This is where exposure to Traditional Authentic Kung Fu training begins. With a deeper focus on improving on the basics while also adding weapons (Saber, Pole, Butterfly Swords, Spear, Kwan-do and Tiger Fork).

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