Advanced Kung Fu Program


The Advanced Kung Fu Program is for incoming students who are 13 years and up or for graduating Basic Program Students. This is where exposure to Traditional Authentic Kung Fu training begins. With a very deep curriculum including empty hand forms, weapons forms, real world self defense, music, philosophy, medicine, history and culture, it truly is a complete higher martial arts education.

Whereas the Basic Program focus is on memorization and shape, the Advanced Program focus is on Substance; solid stance work, body connection, hand and arm conditioning and cardio. Each student progresses at their own pace and gets the individual attention needed to acquire the necessary attributes at each level of training.   Once the Standard for each level is met, the student may travel to Clifton, NJ or to Syracuse, NY for certificate testing that happens every four months. 

There are five weekly classes (three nighttime and two afternoon) as well as daily Open Mat pracitce times. Attendance in the Basic Program classes is encouraged as well, providing numerous weekly training possibilities .  Call today to arrange your free trial class!