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Grappling Industries Tournament in Saratoga Springs, NY Oct of 2022

Super proud of everyone from Haven Jiu Jitsu in Geneva and the results of our latest competition! :D

We had our "veteran" students Mia and Ian from our Children's Program do VERY well. It's been exciting to see them grow their skills and be able to be super competitive now.

We had Briana and Airiel from our Children's Program also competing for the very first time. They were EXACTLY the way Ian, Cooper and Mia were on their first time...LOL....super nervous and anxious but once the ref began their matches, they locked up with their opponents and did their best. Now they will know what needs to be worked on before they compete again.

Our adults did very well too! Zach, Miguel and I represented the Geneva Haven affiliate super well. Miguel does not have that much time in BJJ BUT does have many years of wrestling under his belt and kept all his opponents on guard with his explosiveness. Zach, did MUCH better this time against some super tough opponents. I was matched up against my teammate Jon and hard 2 hard matches in Gi AND No Gi with him. Fortunately, it was my day and I was able to win all 4 matches for Gold medal results.

Overall, team Haven and it's affiliates CRUSHED this tournament by a wide margin. Lots was learned and now we can work on what needs tweaking in class so we can do even better next time.

As always, thanks to those that support us on this journey; our students parents and significant others helping everyone get ready is essential to our success.

Now....back to work! ;)


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