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​Since 2003, The Finger Lakes Martial Arts Center and The Geneva Branch of the Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association has offered a complete Martial Arts Education to students of all ages and ability levels in an environment of mutual respect. Providing three distinct programs, each with a progressive focus, that will more than prepare the student for their next step.


If your objective is to get in better shape in a manner that is more mentally engaging, you’ve found the right place.  Martial Arts training has been proven to provide many benefits, not the least of which are increased self esteem and respect, improved concentration and determination while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility.


We are a family school that believes in a balanced approach to Martial Arts training so that no matter whether you’re young or old, man or a woman, physically challenged or very coordinated, you will improve dramatically as long as you put in a good effort.

We believe that practice doesn’t make perfect but that perfect practice makes perfect movement.  Our classes focus on the basics with many repetitions to make sure that it becomes second nature.  This lays the foundation for a lifetime of more productive training.

What Is Kung Fu?

"KUNG FU, literally means a skill that took tremendous, sustained effort, over a long period of time to acquire, therefore the term should not be confined to martial arts, but applies to any endeavor that purposely accelerates human evolution or raises the bar of human excellence."

SiGung Sharif Bey